About Ancient Civilizations World

History has been one of the disciplines that have accompanied humanity since Ancient times, and it has always been considered an essential element to avoid repeating mistakes and, in addition, to give us a very important thing: identity. Identity is the tool that manages to make sense of all our surroundings and deeply marks our relationship with them. To this must be added the experience gained and accumulated thanks to the legacy of the past, not as a nostalgic fact, but as a leap into the future (Jacques Le Goff).

Paradoxically, and especially among the youngest, the discipline that once was considered the most basic and important of all, has become a mere description of facts, battles, dates, names and more names. This has made history to become tedious for many people, who try to avoid it at all costs since it only evokes moments of boredom.

The only antidote against this, besides having the luck to have some other good teacher that reminds you how wonderful historical knowledge is, is to do the research on your own. That’s when stories come out great and you find thousands of adventures, miracles, tragedies and, ultimately, humanity.

So, in this website you will find:

  • Valuable lessons and legacies that were left for us by the great people of History as well as the great forgotten ones that we still can find and learn from them.
  • The importance of knowing your past to understand your present. This way you can think and criticize your present instead of letting yourself be carried by it.
  • Recommendations on books, movies, and other cultural elements to better understand the past.

Browse around Ancient Civilizations World and discover the wonders of history.